Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gnocchi in Tomatosauce…with Cheeeeese

Yes, yes, you should make the gnocchi yourself…it's quick and it's easy and it's SO much better 
than store bought gnocchi!

But I cannot be bothered today, so:

-          gnocchi di patate (200 grams per person)
-          tomato sauce with basilicum (or add fresh basilicum leaves)
-          diced onion
-          mozzarella
-          grana padano
-          bouillon cube
-          thyme
-          salt
-          pepper
-          oil

Cook the gnocchi in water with a bouillon cube or salt as per the instructions on the package.
Add oil to the pan and add the gnocchi when they're done, stir and let them brown a little….
when they look good, bake the onions on medium heat for a couple of minutes.

Then add some tomato sauce… it should be a generous amount, but you do not want your gnocchi to swim in the sauce. Add a liberal amount of pepper and salt to taste. Also other herbs like fresh basilicum or thyme could be added at this point, just taste it and make it how you want.

When it's all good to go, scoop the gnocchi in tomatosauce into an oven-safe bowl. Almost cover the surface with a couple of mozzarella slices and grate some grana  padano over the dish before sliding the whole thing into the oven
for 10 to 15 minutes at 200 C (or 400 F) 

(keep an eye on it; the whole dish is done, so you can pull the bowl from the oven when the cheese is looking good!)

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